Large Business New Membership Package

$1,452.00 Inc GST



If you are a significant business operation with over 20 employees and a complex base of operations, our Large Business Membership Package is for you.

The Large Business Membership component is $800 exc GST and includes:

  • Access to ongoing personal meetings and advice from our expert, environmental auditor and program manager.
  • Accreditation via our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum rating system.
  • Printed & digital certificate and logo for you to display at your business and on your channels.
  • Promotion on our website, business directory & social media platforms.
  • A subscription to our regular e-newsletter containing the latest low carbon living news and sector updates.
  • Invitations to exclusive LCL events such as training sessions, expos, talks and businesses networking events.
  • Yearly renewal fees of $880.00 including GST.

A Large Business Carbon Footprint Audit Package (starting at $520 excluding GST) is included in our New Membership Package for Large Businesses.

The audit package component includes:

  • Low Carbon Living Rating Assessment conducted in collaboration with our expert, independent auditor. This is a deep, thorough custom assessment that produces a detailed report on your energy, waste and water use.
  • Carbon Footprint Audit, Report, Recommendations & Action Plan conducted in collaboration with our auditor and program manager. This produces a tailored set of recommended actions to help you lower your carbon footprint and your bills.
  • Ongoing support from our auditor and program manager to help you reach your carbon reduction goals.

We can conduct the assessment processes over a flexible time period that suits your availability.

Note: the Large Business Audit Package price starts at a base of $520 excluding GST, with extra charges applicable depending on the degree of complexity involved and any extraordinary time requested for our staff members to assist you. This is a one-off cost that is not included in your yearly membership renewal.

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