Climate change, waste, pollution, extinction, deforestation and the increasing threat of extreme weather events. The state of the world is overwhelming. How are we ever going to get ourselves out of this mess? We should all be living underground in completely sustainable structures and doing little else besides growing food and planting trees. But, since that’s not feasible right now, we believe that purchasing carbon credits (or carbon offsets) is one of the smartest and […]
Thanks to ecoBiz, a Queensland government energy savings program, we have been sponsored to run a pilot of the Low Carbon Living program in Far North Queensland, covering Cairns, Port Douglas and the Daintree. The 12 month pilot officially began in July 2019. Since then, we have been working with ecoBiz coach Fiona Sleight to invite high-achieving low-carbon champions into the pilot program. The aim to is create a low carbon community of excellence, highlighting […]
Looking for electric vehicle charging stations in the Blue Mountains? We’re very proud to share that several of our Low Carbon Living business members offer courtesy electric vehicle charging stations at their premises. From Medlow Bath to Leura, there are four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations available for electric car drivers. Three of those electric charging stations are provided by Low Carbon Living members The Hydro Majestic Hotel, Scenic World and the Fairmont Resort. More […]
Over the past 72 years, local family-owned business Scenic World has evolved as a business focused on environmental preservation, partnerships and local investment. Scenic World is Australia’s most visited privately owned tourist attraction, with over 1 million visitors a year. It runs the world’s steepest incline railway into the lush Jamison Valley, as well as the Skyway, Walkway and Cableway. The business is accredited by Ecotourism Australia as a Green Travel Leader and regularly monitored by the Global Sustainable Tourism […]
In 2007 Katoomba was the first Australian community declared a Cittaslow International town, for its commitment to improving residents quality of life. Goolwa (S.A) and Yea (Vic), have also joined 233 Cittaslow cities globally to slow life down, highlight and protect local unique natural environments, promote local history, culture and creativity, and share locally sourced food,. Local sourcing of food and processing of waste are essential aspects to reducing the carbon load associated with transporting and processing food and waste around […]
When Leura restaurant owner James Howarth established Leura Garage in 2011, he revitalised a mechanic’s workshop that had previously been inconspicuous to Leura Mall pedestrians. James introduced a unique ‘fun dining’ experience inspired by his international travels with his family. His vision to create “an immersive space, inviting for all” was quickly realised. The menu highlights the best seasonal organic produce and wines the region has to offer, the interior design reflects modernity whilst paying homage to […]
At a time when so many independent food sellers have been taken over by large corporations, Sally Bromley continues to stand strong as the owner and manager of Leura Health Foods.  One of the original hipsters, Bromley established her health food shop long before Kombucha became available at your local festival or gluten free bread and soy milk could be requested at any suburban café.   With a vast array of both vegetarian and vegan food and household […]
“Let’s get on with this!” When I first spoke with Winmalee High School’s Principal, Katrina Middlebrook, in November 2017, about the idea of joining the Low Carbon Living program, this was her enthusiastic response. The school had already undertaken several steps in the move towards sustainability and are keen to do more to reduce their carbon footprint. Following that first, inspiring conversation, I joined Katrina and another interested staff member on a walking tour around […]
Custodians of a paradise not yet lost, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah has a unique claim to fame – it is the only Botanic Garden in the world found in a World Heritage area. The garden focuses on the conservation of cool climate plants and features an impressive 21,000 species of flora from across the southern hemisphere and the world. Standing a thousand metres above sea level, the garden covers over 250 hectares and […]