The Low Carbon Living program aims to help Australian businesses and communities reduce their overall carbon footprint and do their bit to reduce the threat that climate change represents for their region. 

This web site provides visitors and residents with a unique opportunity to support local businesses who are working to reduce their carbon footprint. 

How does the program work?

Whether you are a householder or a business owner, the basic steps are the same:

  • Use our free carbon calculator to calculate your carbon footprint.
  • Receive a custom report with tailored recommendations to help you lower your energy, waste and water use and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Act & Save!
Business Rating Assessment Processes

To become part of the rated membership program, businesses are:

  • Audited for their energy, water and waste usage.
  • Advised to how they can become more efficient in using carbon-based resources.
  • Assessed on what they have done to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Audited again to calculate their carbon reduction, and awarded an updated rating. 

You will notice that many have been given a gold, silver or bronze ratings to indicate their achievements. A gold rating means a 75% improvement in carbon reduction, which is a great achievement.

How visitors and residents can support the program

The businesses in the program include hotels, restaurants, cafes, transport and experience providers.  

By using the services of businesses who have reduced their carbon footprint you can reduce yours.  You not only reduce your own footprint, but you also encourage businesses to continue to reduce their carbon footprint– helping to protect the beautiful, yet vulnerable environment in which you live or are visiting.

To find out more about what you could also be doing at your home, visit the blog and directory sections of this website. Here you can find out what great things are being done around the country.