Our robust carbon calculator produces a detailed carbon footprint analysis and provides users with their own interactive user portal including custom recommendations and an action plan. Free for households.


Our membership program includes private carbon footprint audits, a public ratings system, ongoing advice and support from our regional program manager, marketing incentives,  events and community building opportunities.


Through facilitated networking opportunities, our program aims to catalyse the creation of low carbon communities of excellence in our regions that go on to create closed-loops, circular economies and even regenerative initiatives.

real action

Our program results in greener choices being made, people’s behaviours are changed for the better and carbon footprints are quantifiably reduced at individual, household, organisational, community and regional levels.



Through our carbon calculator, recommendations + action plans, we provide thorough emissions readings and easy to follow steps to reduce carbon.


Our public ratings system, member directory and other marketing incentives are designed to bring you more conscientious customers.


We aim to create collaborative communities of excellence in our regions via facilitated networking opportunities and informative events.


We provide carbon credits to help our members reduce their emissions while supporting renewables, reforestation and biodiversity conservation.


“Great care has been taken at Leura Garage to minimise our carbon footprint. 

The installation of a 10 kw solar panel system lowered the electricity bill for Leura Garage by $6,500 annually. Heating initiatives save us $7,000 in gas costs.”

“Low Carbon Living helped us identify ways to minimise our carbon footprint so we can make changes one step at a time. 

Over the past 12 months we have installed a natural composting system and solar panels which will offset 120 tonnes of CO2 per annum.”

“Local sourcing of food and processing of waste are essential to reducing our carbon load.

The wide range of produce sold at the Lyttleton Stores Co-operative is grown and produced in Australia, preferably in NSW, and ideally from the Blue Mountains.”